St.Mary’s GFC was founded in 1969 as a result of an amalgamation of Donore GFC and Lougher GFC. Since our foundation we have introduced hundreds of children to our games and are proud to boast that many of these boys and girls are still involved today, as supporters, players and coaches. For a small club we have had our successes, St. Mary’s players have won two 2 All-Ireland Senior football and two All-Ireland Minor football medals and our U14 Girls in 2018 won the Féile Cup. Despite our size we have excellent playing grounds and state of the art floodlights, facilities.

Our Club Crest – An Bradan Feasa Legend has it that the wise man Finegas lived along the south bank of the Boyne around Staieen. As a young boy Finn Mac Cool of the Fianna came to study with Finegas. The wise old man had an obsession with catching the Bradan Feasa – The Salmon of Knowledge because who-ever ate this fish first attained all the knowledge his mind could hold. With Finn’s help the great fish was caught and while grilling their catch over a fire Finn touched the salmon with his finger. As some of the hot fish stuck to his finger he accidentlly swallowed it while attempting to suck away the pain. At this point all the knowledge was transferred to Finn to the great disappointment of poor old Fin egos. Hence our adoption of An Bradan Feasa as the Club crest.

Charlie Smith – The name Charlie Smith is known around the County and our club for his passion and interest for the GAA. Charlie is 90 years old and is our oldest club member and continues to be the most popular name around, he has a love for his home place and club like no one else. Charlie continues to give a lifetime of voluntary service to St Mary’s and continues to make a massive contribution to our Club in many different roles, his friendly outgoing manner and his warm personality is clearly shown every time you meet him.

Our  message is clear: this club is for everyone, irrespective of background or abilities, our strength is in our players, our volunteers and our community.